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Austex Software was formed in 1990 by Stephen J.Smith and Paul N.Goulding. As Amiga fans, they started writing demos and software for this platform.

In December 1990, the demo disk Genesis was released. Included on the disk was the game Nebula, which managed to appear a year later on some magazine cover disks.

Work then progressed on the game Uropa2 with significant contributions from graphics designer Bruce Abel. The game was first released as shareware in 1996 and then published in 1997 by Vulcan Software.

During this period, I (SJS) worked on designing and programming various Amiga related hardware for use within the university where I worked (archived). Since then, Austex Software have been developing hardware and software for a new computer platform. The Nueron designs are based on Motorola ColdFire processors and include PAD (Personal Access Devices) and embedded microcontrollers.

The operating system, NuOS, is free for use with ColdFire processors. The main purpose at this time, is to drive Nueron systems.

Part of the Nueron philosophy was to start with a new operating system. There are many systems already in the industry and very few came close to what was required. In the end, NuOS was chosen since it could be molded into the shape intended for the Nueron devices.

NuOS supports all of the features in the Nueron with shared resources. This system supports full pre-emptive multitasking with an efficient task scheduler and executive support scheme. The full OS is contained within Flash memory and can be enhanced/updated easily.


  • Embedded Control Systems
  • RF Communications
  • Video Design
  • Audio Design
  • CPLD/FPGA Firmware
  • Calibration Services (Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analysers, Multimeters, Probes, Signal Generators, RF Sweep Oscillators, Frequency Counters, RF Power Meters, Power Supplies, LCR Meters, Distortion Analysers etc...)

  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • Data Analysis
  • C Programming (ANSI for Embedded systems)
  • Assembly Language (6502,68HC05,68HC11,68HC908,680x0,68340,ColdFire)
  • Technical Documentation

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