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cflink status

Version 2.32
Copyright (C) 1999-2004 Austex Software. All rights reserved.
Author Stephen Smith.


  • 15-Sep-1999 (SJS) All seems to be working ok. Error message now on merged data overflow. Header block now contains basesize for pre-emptive allocation of data & bss blocks. [V0.8]
  • 24-Sep-1999 (SJS) Modified for PC port. Files need to be opened in binary mode so DOS doesn't try to do CR/LF fixes... [V0.9]
  • 04-Oct-1999 (SJS) Fixed bugs with PC format. [V0.91]
  • 19-Oct-1999 (SJS) Fixed bug with RELOC32 entry being added to DREL16... (missing break) [V0.92]
  • 16-Nov-1999 (SJS) Added ROM output option. [V0.93]
  • 17-Nov-1999 (SJS) Added Info output option (Build info). [V0.94]
  • 24-Nov-1999 (SJS) Output relocation error message if rom option on. [V0.95]
  • 25-Nov-1999 (SJS) Added name, version and date block handling for info output. [V0.96]
  • 07-Dec-1999 (SJS) Fixed bug with ROM code generation of ABS links. [V0.97]
  • 01-Feb-2000 (SJS) Fixed maximum file size output when using rom option. [V0.98]
  • 22-Nov-2000 (SJS) Updated reference to error report e-mail address. [V0.99]
  • 11-Dec-2000 (SJS) Internal release fixup. Some code documentation mods. show_list() is no longer called unless code compiled with debug option. This might make a small speedup. [V0.99i]
  • 05-Jan-2001 (SJS) Added usage information. [V0.99j]
  • 06-Jan-2001 (SJS) Usage displayed only if no parameters passed. [V0.99k]
  • 10-Jan-2001 (SJS) Added filename output for build info. [V0.99l]
  • 17-Feb-2001 (SJS) Added -f option. This allows long filelink lists to be contained in a file so that commandline interfaces that don't handle it (PC) will work. [V0.99m]
  • 23-Feb-2001 (SJS) Possible problem in Link_REL16 now causes an error, rather than just show message. [V1.00]
  • 30-Apr-2001 (SJS) Adding embedded object file option. Added map format output. [V1.01-1.10]
  • 01-May-2001 (SJS) XDEF handling modified (requires at least v1.30 of cfasm). Fixed initialisation problem. [V1.11-1.16]
  • 02-May-2001 (SJS) Finialised embedded object mode. Fixed maxfilesize calculations. [V1.17-1.20]
  • 22-May-2001 (SJS) Added file information to error reporting for xref/xdef processing. [V1.21-1.22]
  • 24-May-2001 (SJS) Fixed map output name corruption. [V1.23-1.24]
  • 27-Jun-2001 (SJS) Linker now return()s error. [V1.25-1.26]
  • 30-Jun-2001 (SJS) Memory freeing sequence modified. [V1.27-1.28]
  • 29-Oct-2001 (SJS) Copyright name change. [V1.29-1.30]
  • 08-Feb-2002 (SJS) Changes to output format. [V1.31-1.40]
  • 29-Apr-2002 (SJS) Started work on library file handling. [V1.41-1.42]
  • 30-Apr-2002 (SJS) More work on library functions. Completely changed procblock handling for library expansion. [V1.43-1.80]
  • 27-Jul-2002 (SJS) Modified data handling with rom mode. [V1.81-1.82]
  • 28-Jul-2002 (SJS) Changes to the object code format regarding relocations. [V1.83-1.84]
  • 01-Aug-2002 (SJS) Modified for multiple data blocks. [V1.85-1.86]
  • 18-Aug-2002 (SJS) Modified relocatable block handling. [V1.87-1.90]
  • 22-Aug-2002 (SJS) Modified block handling for new base register blocks. [V1.91-1.92]
  • 23-Aug-2002 (SJS) Added processor block handling. [V1.93-1.94]
  • 24-Aug-2002 (SJS) Started work on library functions. [V1.95-1.96]
  • 25-Aug-2002 (SJS) Library functions now working. [V1.97-1.98]
  • 15-Sep-2002 (SJS) Modified output format. [V1.99-2.00]
  • 06-Nov-2002 (SJS) Fixed relocation output handling. [V2.00-2.02]
  • 02-Mar-2003 (SJS) Bumped for release. [V2.03-2.04]
  • 20-May-2003 (SJS) Program block output modified to allow allocation of memory for task spawning easier. [V2.05-2.10]
  • 05-Aug-2003 (SJS) Added S-Record output support. [V2.11-2.20]
  • 22-Aug-2003 (SJS) Fixed bug with hexaddr conversion. [V2.21-2.22]
  • 01-Sep-2003 (SJS) Fixed bug with s-records address handling. [V2.23-2.24]
  • 05-Dec-2003 (SJS) Fixed bug with basedata handling. [V2.25-2.26]
  • 20-Jan-2004 (SJS) Fixed bug with basedata and xrefs including offsets. [V2.27-2.30]
  • 31-May-2004 (SJS) Fixed same base references when in rom mode. [V2.31-2.32]
  • Known problems

  • Does not fully support lib files yet. Can generate lib files only.
  • Large data model not supported yet.

  • For further information on how to obtain these utilities, or how to contribute to this development please contact Technical Support.