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cfmake status

Version 1.58
Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Austex Software. All rights reserved.
Author Stephen Smith.


  • 08-Jan-2001 (SJS) Started coding the maker. You know, I'm writing this stuff without any help and from scratch... [V0.1]
  • 10-Jan-2001 (SJS) Adding initialisation, plus processing. Almost finished... [V0.90] beta
  • 11-Jan-2001 (SJS) Modified so that compiled file assembly listing is the one that is removed and not everything in the [Assemble] list. [0.91-0.92]
  • 17-Feb-2001 (SJS) Since PC's can't handle long commandline interface strings, I've had to modify cflink to accept a commandline file. So, cfmake has to be modified also, to send the list of link files and options in a file. [V0.93-0.94]
  • 17-Apr-2001 (SJS) Fixed bug with not compiling/assembling when object file did not exist. [V0.95-0.96]
  • 22-May-2001 (SJS) Fixed problem with cli file generation. [V0.97-0.98]
  • 27-Jun-2001 (SJS) Modified error message. Program file deleted before linkage. [V0.99-1.00]
  • 18-Sep-2001 (SJS) Added ignoreflag so large compilations can show all errors. [V1.01-1.10]
  • 12-Dec-2001 (SJS) Added option for ppc compiled version. [V1.11-1.20]
  • 24-Mar-2002 (SJS) Make extensions of ".m",".mak" and ".make" automatically searched for input file. [V1.21-1.30]
  • 01-Aug-2002 (SJS) File date comparison now works with filenames with more than a one character extension (e.g. .asm). [V1.31-1.40]
  • 25-Sep-2002 (SJS) Added library handling. [V1.41-1.50]
  • 02-Mar-2003 (SJS) Bumped for release. [V1.51-1.52]
  • 20-Mar-2003 (SJS) Compiler error files now removed before a file is re-compiled. (less mess... [V1.53-1.54]
  • 22-May-2003 (SJS) C Compiler error files of size zero (indicating no errors) are now removed. [V1.55-1.56]
  • 22-May-2003 (SJS) C Compiler error files of size zero (indicating no errors) are now removed. [V1.55-1.56]
  • 13-Sep-2003 (SJS) Minor text fix. [V1.57-1.58]
  • Known problems

  • No known problems.

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