This page is no longer updated!!

Warning - this page was current as of late 1999 but it is no longer being updated. I keep it here because it is a complete mirror of David's site before he shut it down and it has full compiled copies of everything.

However, the binaries here are for R6 but David is now upto R7.


You'll probably need Winzip or another long-filename compatible unzipper to view some these files. Note: Don't attempt to unzip the .tar.bz2 archive unless you know what you are doing.

Eric Praetzel has kindly setup a mirror in Canada. You might like to try there if things are a bit slow.

ColdFire Essentials

Name File Date Size Description
Linux BDM Driver gdb-4.17-bdm-990115.tar.gz 17/01/98 122,705 bytes Linux BDM driver for the P&E Micros BDM cable shipped with the Motorola eval boards. This allows you to debug programs using GDB with your favuorite front end such as DDD. Many thanks to Chris Johns for writing this great driver.
CFASM 12/04/97 48,356 bytes Free Assembler! Yupp you heard me correctly! Here is a ColdFire assembler, thrust into my sticky hands by Michael Norman an Applications Engineer at Motorola. The Zip contains the source and documentation but no binaries. Many thanks to Michael and Motorola for making this available.
Win95/NT Binary 15/07/98 48,356 bytes Windows 95/NT console mode binary of Michael Norman's free ColdFire assembler. This was kindly compiled and sent to me by Anthony Barrett. Many thanks.
ColdFire uC/OS-II 22/11/98 29,531 bytes This is an update to my initial uC/OS port by Ross Berteig of Cheshire Engineering Corp that supports Jean Labrosse's new uC/OS-II. This version is designed to work with Diab Data's compiler.
ColdFire uC/OS 15/07/98 34,933 bytes My port of Jean Labrosse's uC/OS to the Motorola ColdFire. Please feel free to do whatever you want to this... This port is based upon the Embedded Systems Programming article source so that everyone can play with it. I'd recommend that you buy Jean Labrosse's book to get the full bug free functionality. Note: If you have a newer version of my gcc Win32 compiler(R4 or later) you will need to follow the instructions in the upgrade.txt provided with the compiler.

ColdFire GNU C

Name File Date Size Description
Install Kit
(Win32) 22/04/99 330,639 bytes GNU GCC C compiler for the m68k series of processors. The install kit for the compiler. Download expand this into a directory and put the other archives in there and read the instuctions first!
Main Compiler(Win32) gcc-m68k-win32-r6.tar.bz2 22/04/99 4,688,003 bytes GNU GCC C compiler for the m68k series of processors. Grab the install kit first and read the instuctions first!
Main Compiler(Linux) gcc-m68k-linux-r6.tar.bz2 25/04/99 3,287,118 bytes GNU GCC C compiler for the m68k series of processors for Linux. Functionally identical to the main Win32 compiler you will need BZIP2 to uncompress the archive.
Patches & Examples for Compiler gcc-m68k-essentials-r6.tar.gz 25/04/99 63,704 bytes This package contains all that is necessary to build the Win32 or Linux compilers or to build EGCS for another system such as FreeBSD or Solaris. It also contains the simple ColdFire examples and linker scripts which might be useful for any ColdFire developer.
CPU32 C Library cpu32libs-r6.tar.bz2 22/04/99 850,040 bytes Special "lite" library binaries download for CPU32 users. Read the instuctions first!
Extra Libraries extralibs-r6.tar.bz2 22/04/99 3,310,465 bytes Extra libraries that allows the compiler to target 68000, 68020(+/- FPU), 68030, 68040, 68060. Read the instuctions first!
gcc-docs-r5.tar.bz2 10/10/98 532,704 bytes Basic HTML documentation for the GNU C compiler. This covers all the basic utilities included in the compiler, programmers reference for the C library and details about how to port the C library to new custom boards.
gnu_docs.chm 24/04/98 786,285 bytes If you have MS IE4 on your system you might prefer to use this HTMLHelp version of the documentation. It has exactly the same information except it doesn't take up >3MB of disk space! In theory HTMLHelp will work with IE3 but MS haven't produced the redistributables can download the toolkit instead.
gcc-docs-postscript.tar.bz2 01/09/98 2,659,037 bytes This is the postscript version of the GNU documentation which is ideal for printing onto trees. Many many thanks to Piergiovanni Gordini for creating these docs.

Experimental Stuff

Name File Date Size Description
Printf Lite 27/07/98 2,757 bytes Here's a lightweight printf function that Bill Knight pulled out of Embedded Systems Programming which could be useful if your are short of ROM space. Using "iprintf" from Newlib is an alternative way of removing the floating point libraries in larger applications and saving space.
MCF5206 Startup Example 28/07/98 40,045 bytes This is some sample startup code from John Cunningham at Motorola. This is very well documented and works well on both SBC5206 and SBC5307 development systems.
ColdFire RTEMS rtems-coldfire-mini-demos-980726.tar.gz 26/07/98 193,821 bytes Here are some pre-compiled demos from the upcoming release of RTEMS(an Open Source(tm) RTOS) which I have ported to the ColdFire and the SBC5206 eval board. See OARCorp the developers or my RTEMS page for details.


Name File Date Size Description
TFTP Server 11/03/98 130,402 bytes A simple TFTP server for Windows 95/NT. This server has two things to commend it: 1) it's free! and 2)It supports multiple directory searches. This features allows you to add your development directory to it's path and type "dn ucostest.x" or similar and it will grab it from the first directory it finds ucostest.x in. This server was stuck together in around 3-4 hours one weekend about 18 months ago and is thus to be considered of alpha quality... if I get any favourable comments I might finish it off. It does what it does and no more.


Copyright (c) 1997-98 David J. Fiddes.