Eric's Historical Costume Archives

Scans of some old catalogs (1922 Robert Simpson, Eatons 1948, Simmer's Seeds 1927) are now online again.

You can now search the Historical Costuming List-Serv archives.

You can still use the old search engine but it will bediscontinued some time. The Old search engine is no longer being updated and it is not as easy to use (or as useful in many ways) as the new search engine.

Here is some information about joining the H-Costume list-server

The search engine is crude and only allows searching of the Subject lines with a single word or phrase. It will give you links to the articles and the archive file that contains the article.

You can go hunt thru the archive files yourself. Note that the ZIPed archives tend to be large. The "cleaned" ZIP archives have banners and advertisements removed from the postings so they tend to be 1/2 the size.

The 1993 to mid. 1996 archives came from Ches, who acquired them from the original archives off of Diane Close's archive some years ago.
The late 1996 to the end of 1998 archives came from Barbara Maren.
Everything from 1999 and beyond is my own handiwork.

Let me know if you would like to delete any of your postings or if you find anything offensive that you think is not fit for public presentation.

Sources for Fabrics

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