Christmas & SCA Dance Melodies for Flute & Recorder

My SCA Dance/Music web page The SCA music/dance page contains renaissance dance song melodies to learn on the recorder as well as anything that I figure can help dance and music in the SCA.

This page is under construction. I plan to add popular SCA dance song melodies in GIF and Postscript format. ie there will be several dance songs per page. This is intended as a quick reference to popular dance songs. Since I need such a thing to remind myself of the dance tunes; I figured that they would be useful for others!

MIDI Music Archive and Pointers

I've started using Noteworthy Composer to enter music. I am planing to enter all songs from the 1651 edition of Playford an also enter ever dance song from the SCA that I can (given that the music is freely distributable). There will be mistakes so feel free to try to dance to these songs or compare them to your dance notes. Midi version of these songs will be available at a later date. Drop me a note if you'd like to help out. All songs assume that you're music card is compatable with GM (general MIDI) and that you have a flute/basson/ clarinet that sounds half decent.
I used a Gravis Interwave sound card on my computer. This card is creates its sound based upon recordings of an instrument. I am working with some other people to get recordings of renaissance instruments so that our music can sound good. In the works is an SCA dance CD of all your popular dance songs as well as a second CD of more advanced dance songs.

PC sound software

Other MIDI programs that I've tried include Cakewalk (included with the Gravis sound card and some Creative sound cards), Encore by Passport Designs, and Evolution Audio
  • Greensleves (MIDI file)
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