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Dance Music (sheet music, sound files)

  • SCA Dance and Music search engine [hundreds of pages of music, MP3's, dance books]
  • SCA dance music CDs and books for sale as well as most CDs in Real Audio and MP3's (currently over 10 CDs).

    The sheet music includes the SCA dance music arrangements (MIDI, RealAudio, PDF, Postscript) from every source that I've found since 1994.

    SCA dance music melodies for recorder & flute

    For people who are learning the recorder and/or flute I've collected the melodies from a variety of popular SCA dance songs.
    They are available in a PDF file for viewing & printing. You can also view (low quality) the music and listen to the MIDI files. This collection contains aprox. 28 songs and prints on 6 pages. Here is a zip archive containing the MIDI, Postscript and HTML page.

    Eric's SCA Dance Booklet

    This booklet is a quick and dirty reference guide based upon the Cynnabar booklet.
    It was done in Word Perfect 7.0 using a thin, narrow font that ships with MS Word. You will need the correct font to print it properly! You should double-side print this in booklet format with the "flip on short edge" to make it print properly.

    Additional Links for Sheet Music

    Additional Links for Dance & Music Sites

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    Thomas Delany Canticles

    SCAdians who are musicially inclined

    Drumming web pages

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