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Learn To Call

1. DO NOT READ A CALL. Know where the dancers are to go and guide them through it.
2. Listen to other callers and develop your style from them. Every old tyme callers has their own distinct style of calling.
3. Make mistakes, nothing works better than learning on the job.
4. Smile all the way through and don't make smart-alecky comments.
5. Pace your call to allow the dancers to complete each movement.
6. Have fun. For a more detailed approach.

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Recorded Callings and Videos of some dances

Murray Fraser and Murray Smith's 12 calls can be found on 'The Square Dance Album'

Cut Off Six Our first Treasurer, Alex Boustead, calling

Royal Winter Fair (RWF) Elementary Set - Right Hand High (Murray Fraser calling)

Texas Star with Rip and Snort as the break

RWF 2018 - 4-H Crew - compulsory caller (George Betts)- Forward Four in Line, Texas Star

RWF 2019 - 4-H Crew - compulsory caller (Morley Batt) - Three Ladies chain, Arch in the Middle and Ends Turn In
Their optional dance - Triple Arch, Four Poster Bed, Grand Square, Texas Star

RWF - to compulsory caller - Double Pass Thru, Arch in the Middle Optional - Texas Star, Gates, Ladies Do-ce Balinet, Grand Square, Balance the grand chain

RWF- to compulsory caller - Canadian Breakdown, Double Pass Thru

UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH, ONTARIO - 2022 Junior Farmers Squaredancing Set dancing two compulsories called by guest caller Dave Lucas (Canadian Breakdown and the Texas Star) as well their optional dance called by Laura.">

Head Two Ladies Cross Over - Bob Livingston (Life on the Ocean Wave)

A very early corn field dance, too bad there is no sound. Burchenal 2 - big set in a farmer's field.

Burchenal 5 -- Lady Do-ce-Balinet

An interesting dance -- Butterfly Whirl

Early demo sets dancing - Cheyenne Mountain Dancers, #1 (Star by the Right)

Cheyenne Mountain Dancers, #2 (Split Ring Hash) a mix of dances for entertaining.

Cheyenne Mountain Dancers, #3 (Docey Doe Hoedown) a mix of dances with a showy take off variation of do si do. It is really two ladies chain over and back with spins and gents moving to make it easier for the chaining to work and for entertainment value.

Tony Park calling a four ladies chain variation

The Lancers- a form of quadrille dating from the 19th century.

Calls at our semiannual dances

Canadian Breakdown Ernie Shoebridge

Four in Line Bill O'Brien

Old Fashioned Girl Bill Hands