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** CASSETTE, VINYL ALBUM, or CDs (which has longer than 7 minute tracks) : ($10 plus mailing and handling)

Title: Canadian Olde Tyme Music RM 134 ---

Side One
1) Cy's Jig --- 6:09 minutes
2) Green Mountain Boy Jig --- 6:00 minutes
3) Fisher's Hornpipe / Ste. Anne's Reel--- 6:17 minutes

Side Two
4) Rock Valley Jig/Donegal Jig --- 5:53 minutes
5) Londonderry Hornpipe/Mist on the Mountain..Reel ---- 6:24 minutes
6) Operator's Reel/Pea Soup Reel --- 6:24 minutes

Musicians: Bob Arbuckle and Harold Good (fiddles); Ginny Arbuckle (rhythm guitar)
Wayne Good (bass guitar); Russ Gosse (drums)

Music recorded by Murray Smith on fiddle, piano, and keyboard

1) Uncle Jim Jig --- 8:44 minutes
2) The Girl I Left Behind with repeats --- 3:29 minutes
3) Wabash Cannonball for singing call --- 6:28 minutes
4) Swamplake Breakdown --- 5:16 minutes

How to make your own long playing track

If you have saved a tune on your computer and wish to edit that tune to double or triple its play time, you can use Audacity to do it. Audacity is a free, open source, cross-platform software program for recording and editing sounds. You open your mp3 file, copy and paste the wave portion after itself as many times as you want. It allows many functions like changing the pitch or its speed, etc. Then export it as a new long playing mp3 file.

Our Collection

Deborah Jefferson and Dave Lucas have been compiling a list of the recordings that folks have given the Association in the last few years. They include 78ís, 45ís, albums and cassettes. There are over 1,000 items. As yet, we have not figured out how to make them available for lending. If you have any experience in such matters, we would love to hear from you at . Here is the list of recordings.


($15 plus mailing and handling)

Of an annual fall or spring dance with 18 different callers and couple dances.


Skye Morrison's reproduction of Alex Mulligan's Collection of Square Dance Calls ($12 plus mailing and handling)