The SCA Dance Music of Mistress Ellisif Flakkari

These are SCA dance songs as arranged by Mistress Ellisif Flakkari.
The sheet music for many of these dances can be found in the book called Joy and Jealousy: A Manual of 15th-Century Italian Balli This book was written by Vivian Stephens and Monica Cellio and I have a web version.

I have included arrangements from that book as well as the War 25 and War 26 music collections. Check my web page for pointers to more SCA dance song arrangements.
The arrangements are freely distributable (unalterned) within the SCA. I am making the PDF files, for printing and RealAudio (tm) files, for listening, available. MIDI files will not be made available.

An archive of all files is available in Postscript.

Dance PDF
Basse AlenchonPDF file
AmorosoPDF file
Anello PDF file
Belfiore PDF file
BelreguardoPDF file
ColonessePDF file
Ballo del Fiore PDF file
Basse Ducale PDF file
Fia GuielminaPDF file
IngrataPDF file
LeoncelloPDF file
GelosiaPDF file
GratiosoPDF file
GrimstockPDF file
Horses BranslePDF file
Ingrata PDF file
JupiterPDF file
My Lady Cullen PDF file
LegiadraPDF file
MarchesanaPDF file
Mundesse PDF file
Parson's FarewellPDF file
Petit Vriens PDF file
PizocaraPDF file
PrexoneraPDF file
Return of the Spring PDF file
Rostiboli Gioioso PDF file
Row Well Ye Mariners PDF file
SobriaPDF file
A Souldier's Life PDF file
SperoPDF file
Tesara PDF file
Tenore del Re di Spagna PDF file
Mercantia PDF file
Vercepe PDF file
Vita di CholinoPDF file
Voltate in Ca Rosina (Rosina) PDF file

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