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Callers available for an evening of Square Dancing

Any caller wishing to be added to this list may submit a brief resume of their calling experience to the President.

Batt, Morley (905-939-2311) Kettleby, ON (with recorded or live music)

Connor, Tom (902-892-3839) Charolottetown, PEI (with recorded or live music)

Earl, Bill (705-788-0674) Huntsville, ON (with recorded or live music)

Greenhill, Judy (519-763-2494) Whitehorse, Yukon (with live music)

Hands, Bill (416-241-9930) Weston, ON (with recorded music)

Livingston, Bob (860-346-7151) Middletown, CT

Lowdon, Wayne (416-771-5328 or facebook), Nobleton, ON (with live music)

Lucas, David (705-456-5123) Lefroy,ON

McCormack, Ken (519-647-2151) Rockton,ON

Price, Ralph (705-835-3159) Horseshoe Valley, ON (with live music)

Russell, Bill (416-658-5162) Toronto, ON (with live music)

Shoebridge, Ernie (905-887-9914) Richmond Hill, ON (with recorded or live music)

Smith, Murray (519-370-9074) Owen Sound, ON (with recorded)

Smyth, Shirley Anne (905-630-9215) Cowansville, Quebec (with recorded music)

Snedden, Dave (613-962-7390) Belleville, ON (with recorded or live music)

Syme, Glen (613-880-8494) Almonte, ON (with recorded or live music)