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The Canadian Olde Tyme Square Dance Association was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1954 by a group of callers interested in preserving and promoting the traditional Canadian style of square and couple dancing.

History of our Founding as printed in 1959 plus a few sounds from Quebec.

Learn to Call, Sample calls & Videos

Why traditional square dancing was created and is important today.

This continues to be our main objective today, along with the encouragement of new callers who will be able to carry on our traditions.

135 pages of the Ontario 4H Club's Old Fashion Square Dancing Work Book


(President) Calvin Everitt (705-706-4396),

(Past President) Bill Russell (416-658-5162), (Vice President) Gerry Gregoire (647-639-7376), (Treasurer) TBA , & (Secretary) Lorna Irwin (416-487-2170).

To become a member of the Association, please send an e-mail to any member of the executive and include your name, complete address, phone number, and a brief note regarding your affiliation to Olde Tyme Square Dancing. Please include where you dance or call or play music and an application will be emailed to you. The yearly membership fee is $15.00.


The Association operates three annual "Big Dances" with live music and many callers participating. Details can be found in the Square Dance Events page under Toronto ON.


The Association maintains on this website the following directories:

  • Square Dances featuring old tyme dances
  • callers available for evening square dances (one nighter)
  • fiddle clubs and jamborees
  • links to other related sites


    The Association has a number of resources for sale which are of interest to both experienced and beginner callers.

    Square Dance Competitions

    The Association has often been involved as judges or compulsory callers at various Square Dance Competitions in Ontario such as the College Royal in Guelph , Dundalk , Vankleek Hill , and the Royal Winter Fair (RWF) in Toronto, for RWF information call 416-263-3440.

    Some callers enter squares in these competitions, encouraging younger people to become involved in Square Dancing.

    The Association also supports these competitions by making trophies available. These are awarded to the "Best" Senior and Junior Callers at Square Dance Competitions at Dundalk and the Royal Winter Fair.

    "Previous Presidents"