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(Wording and descriptions were taken from 'Alex Mulligan's Collection of Square Dance Calls' unless otherwise noted)


FORMATION: couples in ballroom waltz position. Directions for this dance are hard to follow, so  few words are given.

Part 1 Balance forward - balance back, Waltz a half turn - repeat 3 more times

Part 2 Starting on gent's right foot and lady's left foot

CROSS - CROSS - CROSS - SIDE - BEHIND - TOUCH - repeat 3 more times

SEQUENCE: Part 1 - Part 2 (repeat) Some people call this dance the bathroom dance because dancers cross their legs in front of themselves and pivot to cross the other leg in front of themselves three times before they step to the side, then they step behind their own leg and finally point or touch their toe to the floor. See Black Hawk Waltz danced


POSITION-Lady on gent's right; each with arm around the other at the waist

Heel (gents left, ladies right) and toe (same foot) - 4 beats

Walk forward four steps & on fourth step U-turn putting lady on gent's left

Heel - Toe, Walk forward four steps and on the fourth step face partner.

Balance to partner, left and right, lady putting hands over head:

Turn together once around on four two-steps. C.W.
 Dance to the music.

CANADIAN FOUR STEP (wording by Murray Smith)

POSITION - couples in ballroom waltz position.

Two sliding steps to the gents left - 4 beats

Banjo position (right hips together) gent walks forward four steps, lady walks backward - 4 beats

In waltz postion, turn together once around in four two-steps, clockwise.
 The dance in action.


FORMATION: groups of couples two couples facing each other in a large circle, half C.C. - half C.C.W

Directions can be called like a square dance.

All join hands and circle four -- Around to the left, on the old pine floor

Right & left thru, across the set -- Right & left back, you're not thru yet

Same two ladies chain across -- Chain right back & don't get lost

Two couples forward and back -- Forward again and pass thru

On to the next, it's up to you.

(repeat with the couple you meet)


FORMATION: Two couples facing each other

To waltz time, right and left thru, right and left back (no hands -repeat)

All balance forward and back ladies sashay from left to right in front of the gents, and repeat three more times

Take own partner and waltz

After 16 bars of music, repeat whole sequence and continue as often as desired. Some dancers balance forward and back and then, right and left though, and this makes a very good variation.
 Music played by Graham Townsend.


FORMATION- Couples in ballroom position.(start with gent's left foot, lady's right foot)
The foxtrot is a smooth, elegant, every popular at wide variety of social events, including wedding receptions. It's one of the most beautiful ballroom dances characterized by long, flowing movements. The basic box step is also similar to waltz steps - the main difference being timing (foxtrot is 4/4, waltz is 3/4). If you already know how to waltz, then learning foxtrot will be just a matter of rhythm.

The basic rhythm is slow, slow, quick, quick. The slow steps use 2 beats of music and the quick steps use one. The slow steps are long and elegant, and the quick steps are short and energetic. Many videos exist online for viewing.



FORMATION - in couples, lady's right and gent's left hands joined

Start on outside feet and walk forward three steps, swinging feet forward on the count of four

P1. STEP-STEP-STEP-SWING (Feet diagonally, repeat with opposite feet)

P2. STEP-SWING_STEP-SWING (Gent step on left foot and swing right foot diagonally forward repeat in reverse direction)

P3. Repeat 1. and lady pivot C.W. (clockwise) under gent's raised left arm and both bow

P4. Waltz when music changes and continue
 Dance to this music.


FORMATION- Couples in Varsoviana position (gents right arm over lady's shoulder holding her right hand) Move around the floor C.C.W.

Four steps forward-both start on left foot

Turn to face opposite way, lady on left, take four steps backwards, repeat in opposite direction

Holding lady's right hand above her head, gent moves forward, taking short two-steps lady moves forward, turning C.W. three turns (or two if more convenient)

In closed position, couple turns C.W. on four two-steps. Go back to Varsovianna position and repeat the whole sequence.
  The dance in action.


FORMATION- Couples in ballroom position.(start with gent's left foot, lady's right foot)

Touch Heel then Toe and Two-Step

Repeat with gent's right foot Repeat whole pattern

Polka when music changes and continue as long as desired.


Music: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.

Formation: couple dance with Varsoviana promenade position.

P1. Both step forward on left foot, swing right foot forward and then pivot on left to face in reverse direction and continue right foot swing in front. Bring right foot back into two two-steps backwards.

Forward two slow steps and reverse direction to repeat the first part again.

P2. Step swing change sides (both step forward on the left foot, swing right forward and back, two step turn right as gent changes to lady's right side, they repeat this movement now with the left foot being swung to the right, repeat all of this once more.

P3. Gents twirls the lady under his left arm and they waltz until new phrase begins.


FORMATION - Large circle: couples facing each other. half C.W. - half C.C.W. with inside hands joined

1 - 2 Grapevine left - grapevine right Starting with left foot, step to side Right foot to side and behind left foot, left foot to side; swing right foot diagonally across in front of left foot (repeat grapevine with right foot moving to the right)

3 - 4 Dos-a-dos with couple facing you; using four two-steps; past right shoulder and back up to place.

5 - 6 Two-step left - two-step right Walk 2 - 3 - 4

All couples move forward, pass thru the couples facing, right shoulder passing and repeat the whole sequence with the next couple. Keep own partner, proceed around the circle.


Couple dance done around floor

Four sashay steps to gent's left

Turn 90 degrees to the gent's left (diagonally- as to zig-zag) and do four sashay steps to gent's right

Turn on four two-steps

Repeat as often as desired
  The Jersey music


Left, Right, Right, Left, Two Step

Left foot forward - lean back
Left foot back - step on it
Right foot back -lean forward
Touch right toe beside left foot
Right foot forward and back
Left foot forward and back -touching left toe in front of right foot
Four two-steps forward (Repeat)
 The dance in action.

Maple Sugar (same dance as White Silver Sands) (wording by Murray Smith)

Formation- Gents on the inside facing line of dance holding hands with partner (gent's right hand, lady's left)

Forward, 2,3, turn around, backup 2, 3, stop (repeat)
Balance away, together, away, together
Gent rolls to the lady behind him and balances.

Walk three steps forward, turn singularly on 4th beat and walk backwards three steps and stop.(repeat)
Balance away from your partner, together, away, together
Gents cast off to the lady behind while his partner progresses forward to a new partner.
Balance left and right and new couples start the dance again.



Formation- couples, facing same direction, arm around or social dance position

Starting on outside feet (gent - left - lady - right)

ONE - TWO - THREE - HOP (repeat with inside foot)


(turning C.C. W.) (continue as long as desired)  

DANISH version -FORMATION: Two couples, one behind the other, all hands joined. Front couple break, separate, and gate around to end up behind the back couple during the step hop and rejoin hands OR Front couple ducks and backs under on the inside, forcing the rear couple to make an arch and do a dish rag turn.
  for fancy variations see Schottische


Music: MacNamara's Band

POSITION - lady's on gent's right


WALK - 2 - 3 - TURN


WALK - 2 - 3 - FACE (partner)

BALANCE TO PARTNER (Gent's left & right)

TURN LADY (C.C.W. on four counts while doing) FOUR TWO STEPS

Repeat whole routine as often as desired.


FORMATION- Couples in ballroom position.(start with gent's left foot, lady's right foot)

Two slow sashay steps to left and back, change to banjo position (right hips together, gent facing one way-lady opposite)

Four steps forward-four steps back

Lady turns to face same way as partner -letting go gent's left hand & lady's right, starting on outside feet;

HEEL-TOE - TWO STEP (repeat with inside feet)

Turn once C.C.W. (counter clockwise) on four two-steps.

RYE WALTZ (wording by Murray Smith)

(Music of same name)

Heel-Toe, Heel-Toe, 4 Slides Left

(start in waltz position to gent's left)

Repeat with opposite feet and direction

Waltz when music changes. (Repeat)
 Danced here; our members leave out the sashays at the end.


Music - Old Gray Mare, Long,long Trail, Hail Hail, Road to the Isles...

In a circle, gents face out holding partner in waltz position. Move to gent's left-

STEP-CLOSE - STEP-CLOSE Repeat in opposite direction

Couples turn C.W. once around to eight counts

Walk forward- LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT Swing right foot forward, back up four steps. Holding girl's left hand high forming and arch; Turn girl under gent's raised left arm and pass her to the gent on his right. Ladies move C.W.; gents C.C.W. Continue as long as desired

Variation used in Ontario: replace [Walk forward- LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT Swing right foot forward, back up four steps] with [STEP-CLOSE - STEP-CLOSE Repeat in opposite direction]

Rye Waltz (Comin' through the Rye)

FORMATION- Couples in ballroom position.(start with gent's left foot, lady's right foot)
Heel toe, heel toe and three quick chasse to the gents left, then repeat to the right.
When music changes to waltz tempo, everyone waltzs.


for an example see

FORMATION_Couples in social dance position (Direction for gents - ladies opposite) To gent's left


STEP - CLOSE, STEP- Back Two, Fwd two, Twirl Partner and Waltz (Gent steps back on left foot and takes two waltz steps backwards

Gent takes four waltz steps forward while his partner backs up

Gent turns his partner C.C.W. on the third and fourth waltz steps)

(repeat as often as desired)


FORMATION- Couples in ballroom position.(start with gent's left foot, lady's right foot)

Four chasse steps to the gents left, then four chasse steps to his right,
Two chasse steps to the left and then two to the right,
In four rocking steps turn as a couple clockwise once around, repeat the Two chasse steps to the left and then two to the right, finish with four rocking steps turn as a couple clockwise once around.



POSITION - Promenade-The man's right hand holds the lady's right hand over her right shoulder; his left holds her left, extended in front to the left side.

Part 1. CROSS - STEP - STEP / CROSS - STEP- STEP/ CROSS - STEP- STEP - STEP - POINT EXPLANATION-Cross right foot-bring it back; step on it; step on left foot; (repeat) repeat this much with the other foot

Part 2.(When the music changes)


(Repeat three more times)

Note After learning basic movements, hop before crossing foot in front.


FORMATION - Two lines, gents on caller's right, ladies facing gents making two lines (six couples in each group)


Two lines forward and back-

Forward again Right hand round - left hand round - both hands round (or forward again and do-si-do)

Head couple sashay down the centre of the set

Back to the top, you're not through yet, (One couple at a time does the reel. The Head couple starts at the top and ends at the foot.)

Top couple -Turn your partner, right elbow, once around & away you go (boy turns girl in line and girl turns boy in boy's line left hand turn, then turn each other right hand and continue down the line)

Into the line with the left hand 'round

Back to your partner, right hand 'round (continue reeling left hand to line and right hand to partner, down to the foot).

Swing at the foot; Sashay to the top; separate, gents go left, ladies go right to the foot of the set, and all follow leaders.

The leading couple forms an arch at the foot and all go under the arch

(The couple who formed the arch, stay at the foot, and the whole sequence is repeated until all have reeled.) Note: This is changed from the true Virginia Reel so that all are active most of the time.


Version of Patty Cake - Music: Little Brown Jug

FORMATION - Couples in large circle; facing partner; hands joined; gents face C.C.W. - ladies. C.W.

HEEL - TOE * HEEL - TOE (gent's left foot-lady's right)

Slide - slide- slide - IN (four gliding steps to centre)

Repeat (starting on opposite feet, back to circle)

Clap your own, two rights, own, two lefts, own, four hands, own, and your knees (Partners facing - clap to the count of EIGHT own two hands - two right hands own two hands - two left hands own two hands - four hands own two hands - own knees

Partners hook right elbows & turn once C.W. to six counts, on the next two counts, move ahead to a new partner

Repeat the whole sequence (Gents move C.C. W. Ladies move C. W. - continue as long as desired.)