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Alex Mulligan's Collection of Square Dance Calls

(20 couple/mixer, 27 singing, 33 patter calls compliled for his students in Toronto from 1960 to 1970)


Black Hawk Waltz /p4
Call of the Pipes / p6
Cross Country Waltz /p7 (two couples dance together)
French Minuet /p3
Gay Gordons / p4
Heel & Toe Polka / p3
Jersey / p49
Jessie Polka / p4 (two or more couples may dance together)
Military Scottische / p9
Navy Two Step /p6


Circassian Circle /p9
Dear Old Donegal / p42
Isle of Capri / p8
Nine Pin Reel / pl2
Progressive Barn Dance / p5
Virginia Reel / p5
Yorkdale Plaza Polka (Patty-cake Polka)/p8


Introduction to Square Dancing /p 10
Basics continued / p 11 A
Intros or Openers /p 11 B
Breaks /p46 & p47

First Changes
(Each couple visits the others in turn)

Birdie in the Cage/ pl4
Couple 'Round Couple (Chase the Squirrel) / p20
Down the Centre-Cut off Six / pl6
Duck for the Oyster, Dig for the Clam / p21
First Lady Out to the Right / p12
Grapevine Twist /p23
Lady Do-ce-Balinet / p61
Lady Go 'Round the Lady / pl3
Lady 'Round the Lady, Gent Also / p15

Second Changes
(Cumulative or three couples active. Some of these dances may be used for third changes, as well)

Dip and Dive in the Ocean Wave / pl8
Double Chassee (Waltz Chassee) / p24
First Couple into the Middle / pl5
Grand March / p30
Grapevine Twist / p23
Ma and Pa / p72
Maple Sugar / p67
Right and Left Six / pl9
Three Hand Star / p54
Verulam Sashay / p51

Third Changes or Breakdowns
(All couples active)

Balance Four in Line / pl7
Canadian Breakdown / p29
Dive Thru, Pass Thru / p37
Double Pass Thru / p26
Four Gents Star / p52
Four Hand Star (Texas Star) / p27
Four Poster Bed / p36
Grand Square / p31
Heads and Sides Right and Left Thru / p51
Ladies Chain Across and in Line / p25
Mulligan's Breakdown / p66
Right Hand Up, Left Hand Under / p22
Triple Arch, The / p34
Venus and Mars (Gents Tunnel Thru)/ p60

Singing Calls
(Usually First or Second Changes)

Auctioneer, The / p70
Because, Just Because / p57
Buffalo Girls / p73
Climbin' Up the Golden Stairs / p55
Darling Nellie Gray / p62
Glory Halleluia (John Brown's Body) / p43
Happy Dance / p68
Head Two Gents Cross Over (Ocean Wave) / p32
Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight / p40
Jessie Polka Square, The p41
Little Brown lug / p33
Little Old Log Cabin / p58
Little Shoemaker, The / p69
Loch Lomand and Roamin' in the Gloamin' / p71
Marching Through Georgia / p59
Mountain Girl / p74
My Little Girl or My Pretty Girl / p44
Old Fashion Girl / p49
Open Up Your Heart / p45
Red River Valley / p56
San Antonio Rose /p53
Shindig in the Barn / p75
Silver and Gold / p39
Silver Bell / p50
Trail of the Lonesome Pine / p38
Waltz Quadrille, The / p63
Watch Her Smile / p64
When the Work's All Done this Fall / p48
Y'all Come and See Us /p65