Steve Hendricks Music Collection

All sheet music is (c) Steven Hendricks.

Use of this music
This music can be freely used for educational / SCA (re-enactment) use. The sole restriction being that this is the work of Steve Hendricks and that any recordings or sale of this music is not allowed without express permission.

Note: Any lines that are in red are songs that are included in the song above.

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Song Source Date Number of Parts Vocal? # Pages Comments
Thoinot Arbeau: Compleat Orchesographie 1588/1589 ?? pages
Aridan BranleArbeau15884 partNo 1
Branle de PoictouArbeau15884 partNo NA
Arigot du troisiesme tonArbeau15881 partNo 2
Arigot en mesure ternaireArbeau15881 partNo 1
Belle qui tiens ma vie GalliardArbeau15885 partNo 1
Belle qui tiens ma vieArbeau15885 partNo 1
Air des CanariesArbeau15884 partNo 1
La Canarie (XXXI)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo NA
Cassandra BranleArbeau15884 partNo 1
Branle PinagayArbeau15884 partNo NA
CharlotteArbeau15884 partNo 1
Air de la CorantoArbeau15884 partNo 1
Air de L'Allemande AlmanArbeau15884 partNo NA
Branle DoubleArbeau15884 partNo 2
Air d'un Branle Simple (Single Branle)Arbeau15884 partNo NA
Air du Branle GayArbeau15884 partNo NA
Air du Branle de Bourgoigne (Burgundian Branle)Arbeau15884 partNo NA
Bransle D'escosse (Scottish Branle)Pierre Phalese15714 partNo NA
Branle hault Barrois (Haut Barrois)Arbeau15884 partNo NA
L'ennuy qui me tourmente (The Grief that Tortures Me)Arbeau15884 partNo 1
Volte (Lavolta)Arbeau15884 partNo NA
GalliardArbeau15884 partNo 2
La Fatigue (Weariness)Arbeau15884 partNo NA
Galliarde La fatigueJean d'Estrees15594 partNo NA
Whether I love or noArbeau15884 partNo 1
Fortune a bien couru sur moy GalliardPierre Attaingnant15294 partNo NA
GavotteArbeau15884 partNo 2 in F
Bransle de la Royne (XV11 a 4)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo NA
Morisques (Morris Dance)Arbeau15884 partNo NA
La morisqueTylman Susato15514 partNo NA
Premier Bransle de la guerre (First branle of War)Pierre Phalese15714 partNo 1
Hay danceArbeau15884 partNo 1
I Would Rather Lie AloneArbeau15884 partVocal 1
J'aymeroye mieux dormirAdrian Le Roy15684 partNo 1
Jouyssance vous donneray (I will give you joy)Arbeau15884 partNo 2
Tourdion??4 partNo NA
Jouissance Vous DonnerayPierre Attaignant15274 partVocal 2
Washerwomen's BranleJean d'Estrees15594 partNo 1
The seconde Branle of MalteAdrian Le Roy15684 partNo 1
Maltese BransleArbeau15885 partNo 2
Maltese Branle (Branle de Malte)Arbeau15884 partNo 1
My wandering steps (Mes pas semez)Adrian Le Roy15564 partVocal 1
La Milannoise [The Girl from Milan]Arbeau15884 partNo 2
The seconde MilanoiseAdrian Le Roy15684 partNo NA
Branle de la MontardeArbeau15884 partNo 1
Morisques (Morris Dance)Arbeau15894 partNo 1
Branle de l'Official (Official Branle)Arbeau15884 partNo 1
Patience (Basse dance appellee)Pierre Attaingnant15302 partNo 1
Branle des Pois (Pease Branle)Arbeau15884 partNo 2
Branle Sont des poisAdrian Le Roy15654 partNo NA
Branle des HermitesArbeau15884 partNo NA
Branle de PoictouAdrian Le Roy15684 partNo 1
Gaillarde romanesqueAdrian Le Roy15684 partNo 2
Antoinette??4 partNo NA
Baisons nous belle (Love let us kiss)??4 partNo NA
Almande SauoyePierre Phalese and Jean Bellere15714 partNo 1
Scottish BransleArbeau15885 partNo 2
Branle d'Ecosse (First Scottish Branle)Arbeau15884 partNo 2
Branle d'Escosse (Second Scottish branle)Arbeau15884 partNo NA
Le Triory de Bretaigne (Trihory of Brittany)??4 partNo NA
Whether I love or no (Si j'ayme ou non je n'en dy rien)Adrian Le Roy15734 partVocal 1
Spanish Pavane (Pavane d'Espagne)Arbeau15884 partNo 2
Balletto "Pauaniglia"Fabritio Caroso15814 partNo NA
Pavane de Spaigne (XXX)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo NA
Candlestick Branle (Branle de la torche)Arbeau15884 partNo 1
Branle des Sabots (Clog Branle)??4 partNo NA
Because of the Traitor I Die (La traditore my fa morire)Arbeau15884 partNo 3
Gagliarda la traditora?Fitzallan partbooks4 partNo NA
Gaillarde romanesqueAdrian Le Roy15684 partNo NA
AnthoinetteThoinot Arbeau15884 partNo NA
Baisons nous belle (Love let us kiss)Arbeau15884 partNo NA
Si j'ayme ou non je n'en dy rien??4 partVocal NA
Volte (Pour iouer a la fin de toutes gaillardes de ce ton)Pierre Phalese and Jean Bellere15714 partNo 2
Branle of War (de la Guerre)Arbeau15884 partNo 1
Branle de la Buerre (Branle of War)Arbeau15895 partNo 2
Washerwomen's Branle (Branle des Lavandieres)Arbeau15881 partNo 1
Washerwomen's Branle (Branle des Lavandieres)Arbeau15882 partNo 1
Cantigas directory - NOT?
A Virgen que de DeusAnon12524 partVocal 2
A Virgen mui groriosaAlphoso X12522 partVocal 1
Quen a omagen da VirgenAlphonso X12523 partVocal 1
Se ome fezerAnon12522 partVocal 1
Christmas directory - NOT?
A Carol Brynging in the Bore's HeedWynkyn de Worde15214 partVocal 2
The Coventry CarolAnon15th C4 partVocal 2
Deck the Halls?Old Welsh4 partVocal 2 COM Yule pg 3
In Dulci JubiloAnon14th C German4 partVocal 2
Jingle BellsTraditional?4 partNo 2
Joy to the WorldG. F. Handel?4 partNo 1
Lo how a roseAnon16th C4 partVocal 2
The Old Year Now Away is FledAnon16424 partVocal 2 COM Yule pg 9
Remember O thou manThomas Ravenscroft16114 partVocal 1
Rorate coeli desuperScottish traditional?4 partVocal 2
Tomorrow shall be my dancing dayAnontraditional4 partVocal 2
We Wish You a Merry ChristmasOld English?4 partNo 2
Common Directory - Used for ??
I care not for these ladies??1 partVocal ?
English Consort Music - Cambridge Consort Books 20 pages
Alfonsoes PavanAlfonso Ferrabosco the Elder15954 partNo 1
Dowlands I GalliardeJohn Dowland15954 partNo 1
Duncombs galliardeAnon15954 partNo 1
Holburns farwellAnthony Holborne15954 partNo 2
Fortune My Foe (Complaint)Anon15954 partNo 1
GalliardRichard Reade15954 partNo 1
James Hardings Galliarde?James Harding15954 partNo 1
The Jewes DanceRichard Ncholson15954 partNo 3
Mall SimmesAnon15954 partNo 1
Nutmegs and GingerAnon15956 partNo 2
PavanRichard Reade15954 partNo 2
PrimieroAnon15954 partNo 3
Reads AllmaineAnthony Holborne15954 partNo 1
Tarleton JiggAnon15955 partNo 1
English Consort Music - Morley Consort Lessons 42 pages
The Batchelars delightRichard Allison16114 partNo 2
La CorantoAnon15994 partNo 1
Galliard Can she excuseJohn Dowland15994 partNo 1
Goe from my WindowRichard Allison15991 partNo 2 Treble Viol
Goe from my WindowRichard Allison15991 partNo 2 lute
Goe from my WindowRichard Allison15991 partNo 2 flue or recorder
Goe from my WindowRichard Allison15991 partNo 1 Bass Viol
Alisons KnellRichard Allison15994 partNo 2
Lachrimae PavinJohn Dowland15994 partNo 1
LavoltoAnon15994 partNo 1
Michills GalliardAnon15994 partNo 1
Mounsiers AlmaineWilliam Byrd15995 partNo 1
In Nomine PavinNicholas Strogers15994 partNo 2
My Lord of Oxenfords MaskeWilliam Byrd15994 partNo 2
Phillips PavinPeter Phillips15994 partNo 2
Galliard to Phillips Pavin??4 partNo NA
Captaine Pipers PavinJohn Dowland15994 partNo 2
Galliard to Captaine Pipers PavinJohn Dowland15994 partNo NA
Responce PavinRichard Allison16114 partNo 2
See See Mine Own Sweet JewelThomas Morley15th C4 partVocal 2
De la Tromba PavinRichard Allison15994 partNo 2
Goe from my WindowRichard Allison15994 partNo 4
English Consort Music - Rosseter's Lessons for Consort 10 pages
Barrow Faustus DreameEdmund Kete16094 partNo 1
InfernumAnthony Holborne16095 partNo 2
Move now with measured soundThomas Campion16094 partVocal 1
Now is the Moneth of MayThomas Morley16094 partNo 1
Galliard to the Sacred EndJohn Baxter16094 partNo 1
The Sacred End PavanThomas Morley16094 partNo 2
Southernes PavinThomas Morley16094 partNo 2
SperoAnthony Holborne16095 partNo 2
English Consort Music - Walsingham Consort Books 32 pages
Mr. Allisons AlmayneRichard Allison15884 partNo 1
A Pauen of Mr. ByrdsWilliam Byrd15884 partNo 2
Daniells AlmayneDaniel Bachiler15884 partNo 2
Daniells AlmayneDaniel Bachiler15885 partNo 2
Daniells TriallDaniel Bachiler15884 partNo 2
Delight PavenJohn Johnson15884 partNo 2
Paven DolorosaRichard Allison15884 partNo 2
The Flatt PavenJohn Johnson15884 partNo 1
The Lady Frances Sidneys AlmayneRichard Allison15884 partNo 2
The Lady Frances Sidneys FelicityeDaniel Bachiler15884 partNo 3
The Lady Frances Sidneys GoodnightRichard Allison15884 partNo 2
LavecchiaAnon15884 partNo 1
The Lady Walsinghams ConceitesDaniel Bachiler15884 partNo 3
Mr. Marchants PavenAnon15884 partNo 2
Mr. Allisons Sharp PavenRichard Allison15884 partNo 2
Sir Frances Walsinghams GoodmoroweDaniel Bachiler15884 partNo 3
Sir Frances Walsinghams GoodnightDaniel Bachiler15884 partNo 3
The Widowes MiteDaniel Bachiler15884 partNo 2
Heavenly Touch: The Music of John Dowland
Awake sweet loue thou art returndJohn Dowland15974 partVocal 2
Awaie with these selfe louing ladsJohn Dowland15974 partVocal 2
Behold a wonder hereJohn Dowland16034 partVocal 2
M Buctons GaliardJohn Dowland16055 partNo 2
Can she excuse my wrongs with vertues cloakeJohn Dowland15974 partVocal 2
Cleare or cloudie sweet as Aprill showringJohn Dowland16005 partVocal 2
M. Thomas Collier his GaliardJohn Dowland16055 partNo 2
Come again: sweet loue doth now enuiteJohn Dowland15971 partVocal 1
Come again, come sweet loueJohn Dowland15974 partVocal 2
Come heauy sleepeJohn Dowland15974 partVocal 2
The King of Denmark's GalliardJohn Dowland16055 partNo 2
The Earl of Essex GalliardJohn Dowland16055 partNo 2
M. Nicholas Gryffith his GaliardJohn Dowland16055 partNo 2
M. giles Hobies GaliardJohn Dowland16055 partNo 2
Lady Laiton's AlmainJohn DowlandLute manuscripts4 partNo 2
Mr. John Lagton's PavanJohn Dowland16055 partNo 2
M. Henry Noel his GaliardJohn Dowland16055 partNo 2
Now o now I needs must partJohn Dowland?4 partNo 1
The Right Honorable The Lady Rich Her GalliardJohn Dowland16104 partNo 2
Semper Dowland semper dolensJohn Dowland16055 partNo 3
Shall I sue shall I seeke for graceJohn Dowland16004 partVocal 2
A Shepherd In A ShadeJohn Dowland?4 partNo 2
Sleepe wayward thoughtsJohn Dowland15974 partVocal 2
Tarleton's RiserrectioneJohn Dowland?4 partNo 1
Time stands stillJohn Dowland16034 partVocal 2
Sir Henry Umpton's FunerallJohn Dowland16055 partNo 2
Weepe you no more sad fountainesJohn Dowland15974 partVocal 2
My. George Whitehead his AlmandJohn Dowland16055 partNo 1
Mrs. White's ThingJohn Dowland?4 partNo 1
Duettrio directory
Doulands AlmaineJohn DowlandMS 104442 partNo 1
Alta ReginaFabritio Caroso15xx2 partNo 1
ArgeersPlayford16513 partNo 1
Branles de VillageRobert Ballard16142 partNo 2
The Bonny Bonny BroomPlayford16513 partNo 2
Dormendo un giornoJacques Arcadelt?3 partNo 2
Downe downe proud mindeWilliam Corkine?2 partVocal 1
Full Fathom FiveRobert Johnson1611?2 partNo 1
Go heavy thoughtsWilliam Corkine?2 partVocal 1 in C
Go heavy thoughtsWilliam Corkine?2 partVocal 1 in Bb
Hercules??2 partNo 1
It was a lover and his lassThomas Morley?2 partNo 1
It was a lover and his lassThomas Morley?3 partNo 1
J'ai Du Bon TabacAnon French?2 partNo 1
Maynard's AlmainJohn Maynard?2 partNo 1
My deerest MistrisseWilliam Corkine?2 partVocal 1
Now is the month of MayingThomas Morley?3 partNo 1
Nuova ReginaFabritio Caroso15xx2 partNo 1
Shall I be with joys deceivedWilliam Corkine?2 partVocal 1
Tis true tis dayWilliam Corkine?2 partVocal 1
Italian Directory - Published in Italian Dances
Allegrezza d'AmoreFabritio Caroso16004 partNo 1
Alta CarettaLivio Lupi da Caravaggio16074 partNo 1
AmorosoDomenico da Piacenze14205 partNo 2
AnelloDomenico da Piacenze14204 partNo 2
Ballo AngleseGiorgio Mainerio15784 partNo 2
SaltarelloGiorgio Mainerio15784 partNo NA
Sinfonia AnticaAnonMS 4.6.34 partNo 1
Aria PrimaAndrea Ansalone16204 partNo 1
Aria SecundaAndrea Ansalone16204 partNo 1
Ballo Francese & SalterelloGiorgio Mainerio15784 partNo 2
Il CanarioCesare Negri16021 partNo 3 NOT INDEX
La Catena d'AmoreCesare Negri16024 partNo 2
Celeste GiglioFabritio Caroso16003 partNo 2
Suono del Ballo de CigniGiacomo Spiardo16204 partNo 1
Il Ballo de CollaGasparo Zanetti16454 partNo 1
GagliardaGiovanni Leonardo dell'Arpa?MS 4.6.34 partNo 2
Galiarda PrimaAnonMS 4.6.34 partNo 1
Galleria d'AmorGasparo Zanetti16454 partNo 2
Bassa GioiosaGasparo Zanetti16454 partNo 2
GiorgioAnonFitzallan parkbooks 15204 partNo 2
Aria del Gran DucaGasparo Zanetti16454 partNo 1
Il GratiosoCesare Negri16024 partNo 1
Le Forze d'HercoleAnonFitzallan partbooks 15204 partNo 1
Laura SoaveFabritio Caroso16004 partNo 1
Leggiadria d'AmoreFabritio Caroso15815 partNo 1
Alta MendozzaCesare Negri16024 partNo 1
La Morte de la ragioneAnonFitzallan partbooks 15204 partNo 2
Moresca quarta detta la BergamascaGiulio Cesare Barbetta15924 partNo 2
La NizzardaCesare Negri16024 partNo 2
Pass'e mezzo anticoGiorgio Mainerio15784 partNo 3 NOT INDEX
Piva (ala ferrarese)Joanambrosio Dalza15083 partNo 2
Putta nera ballo furlanoGiorgio Mainerio15784 partNo 1
La Rocha el fusoAnon15204 partNo 1
Schiarazula MarazulaGiorgio Mainerio15784 partNo 1
Suono del Ballo de'Selvaggi - e delle SimieGiacomo Spiardo16204 partNo 1
Lo SpagnolettoCesare Negri16025 partNo 1
Il suono della scesa de'Pastori del monteAndrea Ansalone16204 partNo 1
Tedesca & SaltarelloGiorgio Mainerio15784 partNo 1
TorzaAnonFitzallan partbooks 15204 partNo 1
Ungaresca & SaltarelloGiorgio Mainerio15784 partNo 1
La Villanella BallettoFabritio Caroso15814 partNo 1 NOT INDEX
Saltarello ZorziAnonFitzallan partbooks 15204 partNo 1
Italian/Saver directory
Lo SpagnolettoCesare Negri16024 partNo 1
Llibre Vermell: The Red Book of Montserrat
Ad Mortem FestinamusAnon14th C2 partVocal 1
Cuncti SimusAnon14th C2 partVocal 1
Imperayritz de la Ciutat JoyosaAnon14th C2 partVocal 1
Laudemus VirginemAnon14th C3 partVocal 1
Los Set GoytsAnon14th C2 partVocal 1
Mariam Matrem VirginemAnon14th C3 partVocal 2
O Virgo SplendensAnon14th C3 partVocal 2
Splendens CeptigeraAnon14th C3 partVocal 1
Stella SplendensAnon14th C2 partVocal 1
Sov'raign of Delight Ayres, Canzonets and Madrigalls of Thomas Morley
Aprill is in my Mistris faceThomas Morley15944 partVocal 2
Il bell'humore (Viver lieto voglio)Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi15915 partVocal 2
La Caccia "The Chase" (BASS)Thomas Morley15952 partNo 2 in bass C
La Caccia "The Chase"Thomas Morley15952 partNo 2 in F
Dainty fine sweet Nimph delightfullThomas Morley15955 partVocal 2
Fyre and lightning from heauen fallThomas Morley15952 partVocal 1
I goe before my darling (BASS)Thomas Morley15952 partVocal 2 bass
I goe before my darlingThomas Morley15952 partVocal 2
I should for griefe and anguish dye recurelesThomas Morley15952 partVocal 1
Ladie those eyes, those eyes of yoursThomas Morley16023 partVocal 2
L'arditoGiovanni Giacomo Gastoldi15915 partVocal 2
Leaue now mine eyes lamenting (BASS)Thomas Morley15952 partVocal 2
Leaue now mine eyes lamentingThomas Morley15952 partVocal 2
Loe heere another loueThomas Morley15952 partVocal 2
Loue learnes by laughing first to speakeThomas Morley16063 partVocal 2
My bonny lasse shee smylethThomas Morley15955 partVocal 2
O griefe euen on the Bud that fairely flouredThomas Morely15975 partVocal 2
O Sleepe fond fancieThomas Morley15973 partVocal 2
Though Philomela lost hir loueThomas Morley16063 partVocal 2
See, See, Mine Own Sweet JewelThomas Morley?4 partVocal 2
See, See, Myne owne sweet lewellThomas Morley16023 partVocal 2
Shoote false loue I care notThomas Morley15955 partVocal 2
Sing wee and chaunt itThomas Morley15955 partVocal 2
La SirenaGiovanni Giacomo Gastoldi15915 partVocal 2
Sleepe slumbringe eyesThomas Morely16004 partVocal 2
Spring tyme mantleth euery boughThomas Morley16063 partVocal 2
This Loue is but a wanton fitThomas Morley16063 partVocal 2
Misteresse mine well may you fareThomas Morley16004 partVocal 1
Wyll you buy a fine doggThomas Morley16004 partVocal 2
With my loue my life was nestledThomas Morley16004 partVocal 1
Wwat saith my daintie darlingThomas Morley15955 partVocal 2
You that wont to my pipes soundThomas Morley15955 partVocal 2
Sov'raign of Delight Ayres, Canzonets and Madrigalls of Thomas Morley
It was a lover and his lasseThomas MorleyFirst Book of Ayres3 partVocal 2
O Mistress mine!William Byrd's settingFitzwilliam Virginal book4 partNo 1
O Mistress mineAnon15994 partVocal 1 in F
Praetorius: Terpsichore book
Ballet des Baccanales (CCLXXVII)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 2
Ballet des feus (CCLXXIX)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo NA
Ballet des Matelotz (CCLXXX)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo NA
Ballet (CCLXVIII)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 2
Courrant de Bataglia (XLVIII)Michael Praetorius16125 partNo 2
La Bouree (XXXII)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 2
Branle double (XII)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 1
Branle simple 1, 2, Gay 1 (IV)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 2
Bransle Gay 2 (I)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 1
Courante (CLXXXIII)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 2
Courante (CXVII)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 1
Courante (L)Michael Praetorius16125 partNo 1
Courante de la Volte (XLIII)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 1
Ballet des Feus (CCLXXIX)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 1
Ballet des Feus (CCLXXIX)Michael Praetorius16121 partNo 1
Gaillarde (CCLXXXVII)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 2
Gaillarde (CCC)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 1
The King's DanceMichael Praetorius?4 partNo 1
Br. simple: La la la je ne l'ose dire (I)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 2
Bransle de Montirande (XI)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 1
Branles simples de Novelle (II)Michael Praetorius16125 partNo 2
Philou (XXII)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 2
Bransle double de Poictou 2 (I)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 1
La Robine (XXIII)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 1
La Sarabande (XXXIII)Michael Praetorius16125 partNo 1
Courante de la Royne (LI LII)Michael Praetorius16125 partNo 2
Spagnoletta (XXVIII)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 1
Volte de Tambour (CXCIX)Michael Praetorius16125 partNo 1
Volte (CCXLIII)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 1
Volte (CCI)Michael Praetorius16125 partNo 2
Volte (CCXI)Michael Praetorius16125 partNo 1
Volte (CCXXXI)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 1
Book: Renaissance Songs and Dances
The Battell of Agen-CourtAnonPepys Ballads4 partVocal 1
Allemaingne ISusato15514 partNo 2
Avthor of lightThomas Campion16134 partVocal 2
Ayo visto lo mappamundoJohannes Cornago?4 partNo 1 UNUSED
La BattailleSusato15514 partNo 1
Bransle VIGervaise15574 partNo 1
Bergerette: Sans RochSusato15514 partNo 1 in C
Bon jour, mon coeurRol and de Lassus15704 partVocal 2
La BounetteMulliner?4 partNo 1 in C
Branle de BourgoigneJacques Moderne15404 partNo 1
Branle simpleJacques Moderne15404 partNo 1
Carmans whistleAnonFitzwilliam Book4 partVocal 2
Ces veus chanter??4 partNo 2
Das Hertz thut mir auffspringenHassler15964 partVocal 2
Dit le BourguygnonAnon15014 partNo 1 in F
Entre du FolSusato15514 partNo 1 in F
Pavane La GaietteJacques Moderne15404 partNo 1
Galliarde XV: Le ToutSusato15514 partNo 1
Gentil madonnaFilippo Azzaiolo15574 partVocal 2
Gray's Inn Mask??4 partNo 2 in Bb
Hellas Amy - BassedanceJacques Moderne15404 partNo 1
TordionJacques Moderne15404 partNo NA
I'ay du mal tant tant (J'ay le rebours)Le Roy15554 partVocal 2
Une jeune filletteJehan Chardavoine15764 partVocal 1
Gaillarde la rocquePierre Phalese15714 partNo 2
LicoriAurelio Bonelli16024 partNo 2
Gray's Inn MaskPlayford16514 partNo 2 UNUSED TEXT OVERLAPPING!
Mignonne, allons voir si la roseJehan Chardavoine15764 partVocal 2
Pavane III: Mille ducasSusato15514 partNo 2 in C
Galliarde X: Mille ducasSusato15514 partNo NA
Mille regretz1551Pavane I4 partNo 1 Susato
La MorisqueSusato15514 partNo 1 in C
My Lord of March PavanJames LauderThomas Wode partbooks4 partNo 2
My Mistres is as faireJohn Bennet16144 partVocal 2
Now what is loueRobert Jones16014 partVocal 2
Oy comamos y bebamosJuan del Encina?4 partVocal 1
Padouan XIIIPaul Peuerl16114 partNo 2
Pase el agoaAnon?4 partVocal 2
PavanAugustine BassanoEgerton MS 36655 partNo 1
Pavane LesquercadePierre Phalese15714 partNo 1
Tourdion Quand je boisPierre Blondeau15304 partVocal 2
Les quatre BranlesSusato15514 partNo 2
Ronde IXSusato15514 partNo 1
AliudSusato15514 partNo NA
Ronde VSusato15514 partNo 1
Ronde VISusato15514 partNo 1
SalterelleSusato15514 partNo NA
Una sanosa porfiaJuan del Encina?4 partVocal 2
Ta bone grace, Bassedance1540Tourdion4 partNo 2 Jacques Moderne
TourdionJacques Moderne15404 partNo NA
To the old all health and treasureAnon16214 partVocal 1
Tres moricas m'enamoranAnon?3 partVocal 2
Trolly lollyWilliam CornyshHenry VIII's book3 partNo 2
Aria de VenereGiovanni Maria Trabaci16204 partVocal 2
Vita de la mia vitaPhilippe Verdelot15374 partVocal 2
Playford directory - Playford Dances and Ballads
Adson's SarabandPlayford16514 partNo 1
All in a Garden GreenPlayford16514 partNo 1
ArgeersPlayford16514 partNo 1
Aye me or The SymphonyPlayford16514 partNo 1
The BathPlayford16514 partNo 1
The Beggar Boyvocal4 part4 partNo 2
A health to BettyPlayford16514 partNo 1
Black and GrayPlayford16864 partNo 1
Black nagPlayford16574 partNo 1
Blue Cap for mePlayford16514 partVocal 2
BoatmanPlayford16514 partNo 1
Bobbing JoePlayford16514 partNo 1
Broom broom the bonny bonny broomPlayford16514 partVocal 1
Lord of Carnarvan's JigPlayford16514 partNo 1
Cast a bellPlayford16514 partNo 1
Cheerily and merrily or Mr. Webb's FancyPlayford16514 partNo 1
Chestnut or Dove's VagaryPlayford16514 partNo 1
The chirping of the larkPlayford16514 partNo 1
Confess (his tune) the Death of RosamondPlayford16514 partVocal 2
The country collPlayford16514 partNo 1
Cuckolds all a rowPlayford16514 partVocal 1
Dargason or SedanyPlayford16514 partNo 1
Dissembling lovePlayford16514 partNo 1
Parson upon DorothyPlayford16524 partVocal 2
Drive the Cold Winter AwayPlayford16514 partVocal 2
Dull Sir JohnPlayford16514 partNo 1
Epping ForestPlayford16704 partNo 1
Faine I would (if I could)Playford16514 partNo 1
The fine companionPlayford16514 partNo 1
The friar and the nunPlayford16514 partNo 1
The glory of the westPlayford16514 partNo 1
GoddessesPlayford16514 partVocal 1
Gray's Inn MaskPlayford16514 partNo 2 in F
Gray's Inn MaskPlayford16514 partNo 2 in F
GreenwoodPlayford16514 partNo 1
GrimstockPlayford16514 partNo 1
The gunPlayford16514 partNo 1
Half HannikinPlayford16514 partNo 1
Have at thy coat old womanPlayford16514 partNo 2
Have at thy coat old womanPlayford16524 partNo NA
Heart's EasePlayford16514 partVocal 2
Hit or MissPlayford16514 partNo 1
Hockley in the HolePlayford16514 partNo 1
The hole in the wallPlayford16984 partNo 2
Hyde ParkPlayford16514 partNo 1
If all the world were paperPlayford16514 partNo 1
The Irish lady or Aniseed water RobinPlayford16514 partNo NA
I love thee once - I love no morePlayford16524 partNo 1
Irish trotPlayford16514 partNo 1
Jack a LentPlayford16514 partNo NA
Jacke PuddingPlayford16514 partVocal 2
JamaicaPlayford16704 partNo 1
Jenny Pluck PearsPlayford16514 partNo 1
Jog OnPlayford16514 partVocal 1
Kemp's JigPlayford16514 partNo 1
Kettle drumPlayford16514 partNo 1
The King's delightPlayford16654 partVocal 2
Lady SpellorPlayford16514 partNo 1
Lady lie near mePlayford16514 partNo 1
LavenaPlayford16514 partNo 1
The London gentlewoman or The hemp dresserPlayford16514 partNo 1
Lull me beyond theePlayford16514 partVocal 2
Man Tom d'Bedlam??1 partVocal 2
Madge on a treePlayford16514 partVocal 2
Maiden LanePlayford16514 partNo 1
The maid peeped out at the window or The friar in the wellPlayford16514 partNo 1
The merry, merry milkmaidsPlayford16514 partVocal 2
The milkmaid's bobPlayford16514 partNo 1
MillfieldPlayford16514 partNo 1
Millison's JigPlayford16514 partNo 1
MundessePlayford16514 partNo 1
My Lady CullenPlayford16514 partNo 1
NewcastlePlayford16515 partNo 1
New new nothingPlayford16514 partNo 1
New bo-peepPlayford16514 partNo 1
The New ExchangePlayford16514 partNo 1
The night piecePlayford16514 partNo 1
Chirping of the nightingalePlayford16514 partNo 1
Nobody's JigPlayford16754 partNo 2
NonesuchPlayford16514 partVocal 2
The old molePlayford16514 partNo 1
The old molePlayford16524 partNo NA
An old man is a bed full of bonesPlayford16514 partNo 1
Once I loved a maiden fairPlayford16514 partVocal 2
Parson's farewellPlayford16514 partNo 1
Paul's WharfPlayford16514 partNo 1
Paul's steeplePlayford16514 partNo 1
Gathering PeascodsPlayford16514 partNo 1
Pepper's BlackPlayford16514 partNo 1
Petticoat wagPlayford16514 partNo 1
Picking of SticksPlayford16514 partNo 1
Rose is white and rose is readPlayford16514 partNo NA
Prince Rupert's MarchPlayford16514 partNo 1
Punk's delightPlayford16514 partNo 1
Row well, ye marinersPlayford16514 partVocal 2
Rufty TuftyPlayford16514 partNo 1
The SarabandPlayford16514 partNo 1
Scotch CapPlayford16514 partNo 1
Sellenger's RoundFitzwilliam Virginal Book?4 partVocal 2
Sellenger's RoundPlayford16574 partNo 1
Shepherds' holidy or Labour in vainPlayford16514 partNo 1
Shepherds' holidy or Labour in vainPlayford16514 partNo 1
The silver faulkenPlayford16524 partNo 1
SkellamefagoPlayford16514 partNo 1
SkellamefagoPlayford16524 partNo NA
The SlipPlayford16514 partNo 1
Soldier's lifePlayford16514 partVocal 1
Solomon's JigPlayford16524 partNo 1
The SpaniardPlayford16514 partNo 1
Spanish GypsyPlayford16514 partVocal 2
St. Martin'sPlayford16514 partNo 1
Stanes MorrisPlayford16514 partNo 1
Step statelyPlayford16514 partNo 1
Stingo or The oil of barleyPlayford16515 partVocal 2
Throw the house out of the windowPlayford16574 partNo 1
Touch and TakePlayford16524 partNo NA
Trenchmore/Tomorrow the foxPlayford15624 partNo 2
Tomorrow the fox will come to towneDeuteromelia16094 partVocal NA
Tom TinkerPlayford16514 partNo 1
Under and overPlayford16524 partNo 1
Up Tails AllPlayford16514 partNo 2
Upon a Summer's Day/Vpon a Summer's timePlayford16514 partVocal 2
The waitsPlayford16574 partNo 1
The whirligigPlayford16514 partNo 1
Winifred's knot or Open the door to threePlayford16524 partNo 1
The wishPlayford16514 partNo 1
WoodycockPlayford16514 partNo 1
Music for Royal and Festive Occasions (59 pages ?)
Pavanne d'AngleterreClaude Gervaise15555 partNo 1 in G
PavanaAugustine BassanoEgerton 36655 partNo 4
GaliardaAugustine BassanoEgerton 36655 partNo NA
La BatailleJacques Moderne15404 partNo 1 in F
Bendinelli FanfareCesare Bendinelli16144 partNo 2
Canto canto festa festaAndrea Gabrieli15894 partVocal 2
Chorea HungaricaAnon16th C5 partNo 1
Earle of Salisbury PavanaWilliam Byrd16134 partNo 1
Fanfares I & II??2 partNo 1
Fanfares III & IV??2 partNo 1
Fanfare 1 & 2??2 partNo 1 UNUSED
Fanfare 1 & 2??2 partNo 1 UNUSED
Flourish (for 1 or 2)??2 partNo 1 UNUSED
Simple Fanfare??2 partNo NA UNUSED
Fantini FanfareSteven Hendricks1602?4 partNo 1
Earle of Salisbury GaliardoWilliam Byrd16134 partNo 1
In te Domine speraviJosquin d'Ascenio des Pres?4 partNo 2
Intrada XAlessandro Orologio15976 partNo 2
Intrada - Hungarian?Anon16th C5 partNo 1
Kyng's Pavyn??4 partNo 1
Pavane 14, La rote du rodePierre Attaingnant15304 partNo 1
Intermedio I: L'harmonie des spheresCristofano Malvezzi15896 partNo 2
Intermedio IV: Annonce de l'age d'orCristofano Malvezzi15896 partNo 2
Mascherata d'AmantiAdriano Banchieri16085 partVocal 2
Medici FanfareSteven Hendricks?4 partNo 1
Ne piu bella di questeHeinrich IsaacMS Pal. 11784 partVocal 2
Intrada XXVIIIAlessandro Orologio15976 partNo 1
Pavana del Otto LandgravioMoritz Landgraf of Hessen?5 partNo 2
Pavane passamaizeClaude Gervaise15554 partNo 2
GaillardeClaude Gervaise15554 partNo NA
Pavenne 1Pierre Attaingnant15304 partNo 1
Pavenne 12Pierre Attaingnant15304 partNo 1
Pavenne 13Pierre Attaingnant15304 partNo 1
Pavane 2Pierre Attaingnant15304 partNo 1
Pavane 4Pierre Attaingnant15304 partNo 1
Pavane 5Pierre Attaingnant15304 partNo 1
Pavane 6Claude Gervaise15505 partNo 2
GaillardeClaude Gervaise15505 partNo NA
Pavenne 7Pierre Attaingnant15304 partNo 2
PavaneJacques Moderne15404 partNo 1
Pavane 1 - La sguizeraPierre Attaingnant15304 partNo 1
Pavane - La venissieneClaude Gervaise15504 partNo 2
Vive le RoyJosquin d'Ascenio des Pres?4 partNo 2
Alba NovellaCarosoIl Ballarino4 partNo 1
Amor CostanteCarosoIl Ballarino4 partNo 2
Balletto Austria GonzagoCarosoIl Ballarino4 partNo 2
Contentezza d'Amore??4 partNo 2
Contentezza d'Amore??4 partNo 2
The Earl of Essex's Measure??4 partNo 1
Cascarda Gentilezza d'AmoreCarosoIl Ballarino4 partNo 1
Bella GioiosaCarosoIl Ballarino4 partNo 1
Cascarda da Gracca AmorosaCarosoIl Ballarino4 partNo 1
Easy Directory - published in "Early Period Music"
BouffonsArbeau15884 partNo 1
NonesuchPlayford16514 partNo 1
Polorum reginaAnon14th C2 partVocal 1
Fitzwilliam 3 part music
An Almain [CC]Anon?3 partNo 2
Corranto [CCI]Anon?3 partNo NA
Alman [CXLVI]Robert JohnsonFitzwilliam Virginal book3 partNo 1
Alman [CCXLIX]AnonFitzwilliam Virginal book3 partNo 1
The Duke of Brunswick's AlmanJohn BullFitzwilliam Virginal book3 partNo 1
Corranto [CCXXCIII]HooperFitzwilliam Virginal book3 partNo 1
Giles Farnaby's Dreame [CXCIV]Giles Farnaby?3 partNo 1
Dr. Bull's Juell [CXXXVIII]John Bull?3 partNo 1
Nobodyes Gigge [CXLIX]Richard Farnaby?3 partNo 2
Tower HillGiles FarnabyFitzwilliam Virginal book3 partNo 1
Medieval directory - 10 files
Bache bene veniesAnonCarmina Burana2 partVocal 1
Dame mon cuer2 part? Guillaume de Machaut2 partNo 1
Douce dame jolieGuillaume de MachautVinelai4 partVocal 1
La Quarte Estampie RoyalAnon?1 partNo 1
La Quinte Estampie RealAnon12th C1 partNo 1
Lamento di TristanoAnon14002 partNo 1
Medieval DanceAnon13th C2 partNo 1
SaltarelloAnon14001 partNo 1
S'on me regarde??4 partVocal 2
In Taberna Quando SumusAnonCarmina Burana2 partVocal 1
Music Yule Music directory - 1 File
Hey for ChristmasPlayford?4 partVocal 2
Shawm directory - 72 files
Allemaingne VITylman Susato15514 partNo 1
Ballo AngleseGiorgio Mainerio15784 partNo 2 in B
SaltarelloGiorgio Mainerio14784 partNo NA
Pavanne d'AngleterreClaude Gervaise15555 partNo 1 in Bb
Pavanne d'AngleterreClaude Gervaise15555 partNo 1 in C
Ballet des Baccanales (CCLXXVIII)Michael praetorius16124 partNo 1
Ballet des Baccanales (CCLXXVIII)Michael Praetorius16124 partNo 1
La BatailleJacques Moderne15404 partNo 1 in G
La BatailleJacques Moderne15404 partNo 1 in F
BergeretteTylman Susato15514 partNo 1 in C
Bergerette: Sans RochTylman Susato15514 partNo 1 in C & B
Bergerette: Sans RochTylman Susato15514 partNo 1 in F
Bergerette: Sans RochTylman Susato15514 partNo 1 in G
Les BouffonsJean d'Estrees15594 partNo 1 in F
Les BouffonsJean d'Estrees15594 partNo 1 in G
La bounetteThomas Mulliner16th C4 partNo 1 in G
The ChoiseAnthony Holborne15995 partNo 2
The ChoiseAnthony Holborne15995 partNo 2
Come live with me and be my LoveChristopher MarloweRoxburghe collection5 partVocal 1 in C
Come live with me and be my LoveChristopher MarloweRoxburghe collection5 partVocal 1 in G
Pavana La CornettaAnon15304 partNo 1
Daniel's AlmainDaniel Bachiler15883 partNo 2 in G
Daniel's AlmainDaniel Bachiler15883 partNo 2 in F
The darke is my delightAnonMS 29715 partVocal 2
Dit le BourguygnonAnon15014 partNo 1 in G
Entre du folTylman Susato15514 partNo 1 in G
The Frog GalliardJohn Dowland15994 partNo 1
The Frog GalliardJohn Dowland15994 partNo 1
Monsieur's Almaine??3 partNo 1
Monsieur's Almaine??3 partNo 1
Gavotte 6 (I)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 2
Gilotte (I)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo NA
Almaine: The Honie-suckleAnthony Holborne15995 partNo 1 in G
Almaine: The Honie-suckleAnthony Holborne15995 partNo 1 in F
Branle des Chevaulx (Horses' Branle)Thoinot Arbeau15884 partNo 1
Leggiadria d'AmoreFabritio Caroso15814 partNo 1 in F
Leggiadria d'AmoreFabritio Caroso15814 partNo 1 in G
Pavane LesquercardePierre Phalese?4 partNo 1
Pavane LesquercardePierre Phalese?4 partNo 1
La MantovanaGasparo Zanetti16454 partNo 1 in G
La MantovanaGasparo Zanetti16454 partNo 1 in F
The seconde MilanoiseAdrian Le Roy15684 partNo 2
Pavane III: Mille ducasTielman Susato15514 partNo 2 in Bb
Galliarde X: Mille ducasTielman Susato15514 partNo NA
La MorisqueTylman Susato15514 partNo 1 in D/C
La MorisqueTylman Susato15514 partNo 1
La MorisqueTylman Susato15514 partNo 1
Pavane 3 (in G)Claude Gervaise15505 partNo 2
GaillardeClaude Gervaise15505 partNo NA
Pavane 3 (in F)Claude Gervaise15505 partNo 2
GaillardeClaude Gervaise15505 partNo NA
Ronde V (in G)Tylman Susato15514 partNo 1
Ronde VI (in F)Tylman Susato15514 partNo 1
Salterelle (in F)Tylman Susato15514 partNo NA
Ronde VI (in F)Tylman Susato15514 partNo 1
Salterelle (in F)Tylman Susato15514 partNo NA
So ben mi ch'ha bon tempo (in B flat)Orazio Vecchi15904 partVocal 1
EBallad2 directory - 37 Files The 2nd book of songs
Loue is a bableRobert Jones16014 partVocal 2
There dwelt a man in BabylonWilliam Elderton?Roxburgh collection4 partVocal 2
Begone, sweit nightAnon16104 partVocal 2
A stock of flowersAnon15724 partVocal 2
Come hither you that LoueRobert JohnsonDrexel MS 42574 partVocal 2
Diddle diddle or the Kind Country LoversAnonPepys Collection4 partVocal 2
Farewel dear loueRobert Jones16004 partVocal 2
The hunt is upAnonHenry VIII's book4 partVocal 1
I am a louerAlfonso Ferrabosco II16094 partVocal 2
If she forsake me I must diePhilip Rosseter16014 partVocal 1
In a groue most rich of shadeGuillaume Tessier16104 partVocal 2
the Irishe dumpeAnonFitzwillaim virginal book4 partNo 1
Of all the birds that euer I seeThomas Ravenscroft16093 partVocal 2
And I war a maydynAnonHenry VIII's book4 partVocal 1
Mark how the blushful mornNicholas Lanier?4 partVocal 2
Martin said to his manThomas Ravenscroft16094 partVocal 2
My true love hath my hart, and I have hisAnon?4 partVocal 2
Now winter nights enlargeThomas Campion16184 partVocal 2
Of all the birds that I doe knowJohn Bartlet16064 partVocal 2
The peacefull westerne windeThomas Campion16134 partVocal 2
The Queenes visiting of the Campe at TilsburieAnon16004 partVocal 2
Rest sweet Nimphs let goulden sleepeFrancis Pilkington16054 partVocal 2
So beautie on the waters stoodAlfonso Ferrabosco II16094 partVocal 2
Sweete come againePhilip Rosseter16014 partVocal 2
Thrice tosse these Oaken ashes in the ayreThomas Campion16184 partVocal 1
As you came from WalsinghamAnon16314 partVocal 2
What if a day or a moneth or a yeareThomas Campion??4 partVocal 2
Young and simple though I amAlfonso Ferrabosco II16094 partVocal 2
EBallad3 directory - 8 Files
A robyn, gentyl robynWilliam CornyshHenry VIII's book3 partNo 1 UNUSED ?
Though Amaryllis Dance in GreenWilliam Byrd15885 partVocal 2
Tallis Canon??4 partNo 1
Light of Love??4 partNo 1
Light of Love??4 partNo 1
(EBallads) The First Booke of Ballads and Songs - 38 files
There were three RauensThomas Ravenscroft16114 partVocal 1
An Amourous Dialogue between John and his MistrisAnonRoxburghe Collection4 partVocal 2
An Amourous Dialogue??1 partVocal 1
Come, my Children dereAnon17th C4 partVocal 2
Come live with me and bee my loveChristopher MarloweRoxburghe Ballads4 partVocal 1
Faine would I my loue discloseThomas Campion16134 partVocal 2
Fortune my foeAnonRoxburghe ballads4 partVocal 1
Full fathom fiveRobert Johnson16604 partVocal 2
In a garden so greenAnon16624 partNo 2
Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassenHeinrich Isaac?4 partNo 1
the Joviall Broome ManRichard ClimsellRoxburghe ballads4 partVocal 1
Joy to the person of my loveAnon16394 partVocal 1
O lusty MayAnon?4 partVocal 2
Never weather-beaten SaileThomas Campion16132 partVocal 2
Pastime with good companyKing Henry VIII?3 partVocal 1
the Death of Queen JaneAnontraditional4 partVocal 1
Shall I come sweet Loue?Thomas Campion16174 partVocal 2
The Silver SwanOrlando Gibbons16125 partVocal 2
Summer is icumen inAnonc12501 partVocal 1
Sweet youth go bruse thy pillowAnonTurpyn Lute songs4 partVocal 2
My Lord Willoughbies Welcome HomeAnonRoxburghe ballads4 partVocal 1
Willow, willowAnonRoxburghe Ballads4 partVocal 2
Yonder comes a courteous knightThomas Ravenscroft16094 partVocal 2
EBallads Disk 2 directory - 10 files
Come you pretty false-ey'd wantonThomas Campion16134 partVocal 2
Sir Francis Drake; Or Eighty EightAnon16404 partVocal 1
Greensleeves??1 partVocal 1
If thou long'st so muchThomas Campion16174 partVocal 2
The lovely Northern LasseAnonRoxburghe ballads4 partVocal 1
A Secret loue or twoThomas Campion16134 partVocal 2
What then is loue but mourning?Philip Rosseter16014 partVocal 2
Where shee her sacred bowre adornesThomas Campion16134 partVocal 2
Folksong directory - 8 files
The ash groveAnonTraditional Welsh5 partVocal 2
Baloo baleerieAnon. Scottish?4 partVocal 2
Barbara Allen's CrueltyAnonRoxburgh ballads4 partVocal 1
Early One MorningAnonTraditional Welsh4 partVocal 2
The parting glassAnon?4 partVocal 2
The road to the IslesAnon?1 partNo 1 BAD?
The water is wideAnon?4 partVocal 1
Fitzwilliam directory - 46 files
(Marchant's) Allemanda. [CLXXXVIII.]Marchant?4 partNo 2
Allemanda. [CCLXXIV.]Anon?4 partNo 2
(Morley's) Alman. [CLII.]Thomas Morley?4 partNo 1
Alman. [XIV.]Anon?4 partNo 2
(Johnson's) Alman. [CXLV.]Robert Johnson?4 partNo 1
(William Tisdall's) Almand. [CCXIII.]William Tisdall?4 partNo 1
Callino Casturame. [CLVIII]William Byrd?4 partNo 2
Clement Cotton Pavana. [CCXIX.]4 partWilliam Tisldall4 partNo 2
Dalling Alman [CCLXXXVIII]Anon?4 partNo 2
Doctor Bull's my selfe. A Gigge. [CLXXXIX]John Bull?4 partNo 2
The Fall of the Leafe. [CCLXXII]Martin Peerson?4 partNo 1
Galiarda. [CCLIII]William Byrd?4 partNo 2
Galliarda. [CLXXV]William Byrd?4 partNo 2
(Warrock's) Galiarda. [XCVIII]Thomas Warrock?4 partNo 2
Galiarda [CLIV]Thomas Morley?4 partNo 2
A Gigg. [CLXXXI]William Byrd?4 partNo 1
Gipseis Round?[CCXVI]4 partNo 2 William Byrd
His Rest. [CXCV]Giles Farnaby?4 partNo 1
Hanskin [CCXCVII]Richard Farnaby?4 partNo NA
The Irishe Ho-Hoane [XXVI]Anon?4 partNo 1
His Humour [CXCVI]Giles Farnaby?4 partNo 2
Jhon come kisse me now [X]William Byrd?4 partNo 2
The King's Hunt [CXXXV]John Bull?4 partNo 1
The King's Morisco [CCXLVII]Anon?4 partNo 2
The Leaves bee greene [CCLI]William Inglott?4 partNo 2
Loth to Depart [CCXXX]Giles Farnaby?4 partNo 2
Loth to Depart [CCXXX]Giles Farnaby?4 partNo 2
Malt's come downe [CL]William Byrd?4 partNo 2
A Maske [CXCIX]Giles Farnaby?4 partNo 2
The Maydens Song [CXXVI]William Byrd?4 partNo 2
Miserere [CLXXVII]William Byrd?4 partNo 2
Monsieurs Alman [LXI]William Byrd?4 partNo 2
Nancie [XII]Thomas Morley?4 partNo 1
O Mistris Myne [LXVI]William Byrd?4 partNo 2 in C
Pavana [CLXXIV]William Byrd?4 partNo 2
Pavana [CCXCII]Orlando Gibbons?4 partNo 2
Pavana [CLIII]Thomas Morley?4 partNo 2
The Primerose [CCLXXI]Martin Peerson?4 partNo 1
The Queenes Alman [CLXXII]William Byrd?4 partNo 1
Robin [XV]John Munday?4 partNo 2
Spagnioletta [LIV]Giles Farnaby?4 partNo 2
Saint Thomas Wake [XXXVI]John Bull?4 partNo 2
A toye [CCLXIII]Anon?4 partNo 2
Up Tails All [CCLXII]Giles Farnaby?4 partNo 2
Why aske you [CLXI]Anon?4 partNo 2
The Woods so Wild [LXVII]William Byrd?4 partNo 2
Worster Braules [CCVII]Thomas Tomkins?4 partNo 1
Holborne Waits directory - Holborne Waits Playbook - 120 Files
L'Innamorato (A lieta vita)Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi15914 partVocal 2
Aria VIIIbased upon Dowland's Nichols Almain16214 partNo 1
Belle qui tiens ma vieArbeau15884 partVocal 2 in 4/4
Belle qui tiens ma vieArbeau15884 partNo NA in 6/4
BergeretteSusato15514 partNo 2 in G
Blow thi horne, hunterWilliam CornyshHenry VIII's book3 partVocal 1
Bransle de Villages (XIV): 1Praetorius16125 partNo 4
Bransle de Villages (XIV): 2Praetorius16125 partNo NA
Bransle de Villages (XIV): 3Praetorius16125 partNo NA
Bransle de Villages (XIV): 4Praetorius16125 partNo NA
Bransle de Villages (XIV): 5Praetorius16125 partNo NA
Courante: So benmi ch'ha bon tempo (CXLII)Praetorius16124 partNo 1
Ballet des cocqs (CCLIV)Praetorius16125 partNo 2
Come Love, let's walkAnon15625 partVocal 1
Pavana La CornettaAnon15304 partNo 1
DaphnePlayford16514 partVocal 2
The darke is my delightAnonEgerton MS 29714 partVocal 2
Captaine Digorie Piper his GaliardDowland16055 partNo 2
As att noone Dulcina restedAnon?4 partVocal 2
Faire in a morneThomas Morley16004 partVocal 2
The Fairie-roundHolborne15995 partNo 2
Fine knacks for ladiesDowland16004 partVocal 2
Flow my tearesDowland16005 partVocal 2
The Frog GalliardDowland15994 partNo 1
Fuggi, fuggi, fuggi da questo cieloGiuseppino del BiaboMS Barbera4 partVocal 1
Full fathom fiveRobert Johnson16604 partVocal 2
GagliardaAnon15556 partNo 1
GalliardAnthony Holborne15995 partNo 1
the great GalleazzoThomas Deloney15884 partVocal 2
Gavotte 1 (I)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 2
Gavotte 2Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo NA
Gavotte 3Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo NA
Gavotte 6 (I)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 2
Gilotte (I)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo NA
A new Courtly Sonet, of the Lady Green sleeuesAnon15844 partVocal 1
Green sleeuesAnon15844 partVocal 1
El Grillo e buon CantoreJosquin des Prez15084 partVocal 2
Heigh ho holidayAnthony Holborne15995 partNo 1
Helas madameKing Henry VIIIHenry VIII's book4 partVocal 2
PavanAnthony Holborne15995 partNo 2
GalliardHolborne15995 partNo 1
Hollis BerrieAnon?5 partNo 1
Almaine: the Honie-suckleHolborne15995 partNo 1 in C
Howells DelightAnon?4 partNo 1
Lady Hunsdon's PuffeDowlandLute manuscripts4 partNo 2
I care not for these ladiesThomas Campion16014 partVocal 2
If my complaints could passions moueDowland15974 partVocal 2
Il estoit une filletteClement Janequin15404 partVocal 2
It fell on a sommers dayThomas Campion16014 partVocal 2
It was a louer and his lasseThomas Morley16004 partVocal 2
I'ay du mal tant tantPierre Phalese15714 partVocal 2
The Jewes DanceRichard Nicholson15954 partNo 2
Joyne handsThomas Morley15994 partNo 2
BaloweAnon?4 partNo NA
Kemp's JigAnon?4 partNo 1
The King's delight The Batchelor's DelightPlayford16654 partVocal 2
When Laura smilesPhilip Rosseter16014 partVocal 2
Lincolns Inn MaskeOrlando Gibbons?4 partNo 1
Loncolns Inn MaskeOrlando Gibbons?4 partNo 1
Margot labourez les vignesJacques Arcadelt15544 partVocal 2
Masque MusicThomas Lupo16094 partNo 1 in F
Masque DanceThomas Lupo16094 partNo 1 in C
Now is the month of MayingThomas Morley15955 partVocal 2
Mir ist ein shons brauns MaideleinCaspar Othymayr15494 partVocal 2
O Mistresse mineAnon15994 partVocal 1 in G
La BergamascaGasparo Zanetti16454 partNo 2
Moresca Quarta detta la BergamascaGiulio Cesare Barbetta15924 partNo NA
My THING is my OwnThomas D'Urfey?4 partVocal 1
Never weather-beaten SaileThomas Campion16134 partVocal 2
Mistresse Nichols AlmandDowland16055 partNo 1
Almaine: The night watchHolborne15995 partNo 2
Now, O now I needs must partDowland15974 partVocal 2
Nuttmigs and GingerAnon15955 partNo 1
Paduoan IXPaul Peuerl16114 partNo 2
La ParmaGiorgio Mainerio15784 partNo 1
Passameze (CCLXXXVI)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16126 partNo 2
Pavana PassamezzoAnon15556 partNo 1
The Quadro PavinRichard Allison15994 partNo 2
Galliard to the quadro Pavin??4 partNo NA
The famous RatketcherAnonShirburn ballads4 partVocal 1
Robin is to the Greenwood GoneAnon15955 partNo 1
Say loue if euer thou didst findDowland16034 partVocal 2
Scots RantPlayford16574 partNo 1
Since first I saw your faceThomas Ford16074 partVocal 2
So ben mi ch'ha bon tempoOrazio Vecchi15904 partVocal 1
Sola SolettaGiralamo Conversi15994 partNo 2
Sir John Souch his GaliardDowland16055 partNo 2
The Lord Souches maskeGiles Farnaby15994 partNo 1
The Sprites TuneAnon15954 partNo 1
StingoPlayford16515 partNo 1
Strawberry LeavesAnon?5 partNo 1
Tant que vivraiClaudin de Semisy15274 partVocal 2
The Third of the Prince'sRobert Johnson16114 partNo 2
Branle de la Torche (XV)Praetorius16125 partNo 1
Volte (CCX)Praetorius16125 partNo 1
Volte (CCXXIII)Pierre Francisque Caroubel16125 partNo 1
Watkins AleAnon16th C4 partVocal 1
Where the bee sucksRobert Johnson16604 partVocal 2
M. George Whitehead his AlmandDowland16055 partNo 2
Mrs. Winter's JumpDowland?4 partNo 1
Untimely Directory - way out of period music
New_Stuff directory
All in a Garden GreenPlayford16514 partVocal 2
GelosiaEbreo?4 partNo 2
Mary Grace's RoseBeau Carr?4 partNo 1
The Oulde AlmainInns of Court15204 partNo 1
Petit VriensGiovanni Ambrosio14504 partNo 2
Rostiboli GioiosoGiovanni Ambrosio14504 partNo 2
Madam Sosilia Almanmelody Joseph Cassaza?4 partNo 1